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Our Values

We’re relationship builders

At our core, our most valuable assets are the relationships we have and continue to build across the ecosystems in which we operate. We value our investors, the entrepreneurs we work with, and all the associated stakeholders, and consider it a privilege to be stewards of capital and partners with entrepreneurs that are seeking to create impact.

We never stop asking questions

To truly execute our mission, we know that we need to truly move beyond the status quo and roll our sleeves up   and analyze opportunities deeply.  We believe it takes courage to build great companies that will have lasting impact and it also takes courage to effectively invest capital to support this growth.  Without this, there is no new   innovation, no new value creation and no impact.

We value diversity of thought, backgrounds and experience

The business case for diverse teams is clear and compelling.  The innovation required to truly drive the impact required to improve the sustainability of our systems will be enhanced through embracing and capitalizing diverse teams.

Profit without purpose is meaningless

We are deeply committed to our purpose and believe that the opportunity to create a lasting legacy by driving sustainability is a fundamental requirement in the world we live.  Without the capital to support innovation in sustainability, the legacy we leave for our children and our children’s children will be significantly impacted.