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Investing in a Sustainable Future for Global Food Systems

Supporting the growth and development of businesses driving sustainability in our food system

Our Mission

Our mission is to make intelligent investments with exceptional returns for our investors while creating value, growth, sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusiveness in the communities where we live and invest.  By partnering with WPL, stakeholders can drive meaningful sustainability, social and economic outcomes while shaping a positive future for our planet.

About Us

Who is WPL?

Waterpoint Lane is a venture capital and growth equity firm that specializes in unlocking transformative opportunities in the agrifoodtech sector. With a combined 40+ years of expertise in value investing, growth strategy, technology and capital raising, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the global food system by investing in growth stage enterprises that are reshaping the way we produce and consume food. The sustainable food and agriculture industry represents remarkable growth potential, fueled by the projected 56% increase in food demand by 2050 due to global population growth, which is estimated to reach 9.7 billion people. This growth is further bolstered by the growing emphasis on health and sustainability from consumers, corporations, and regulators.

Changes to our food system

WPL collaborates with outcome-driven investors, leveraging our venture and growth equity capital to unlock opportunities in agrifoodtech enterprises revolutionizing sustainability. The sustainable food and agriculture sector presents a significant growth opportunity, fueled by consumer, corporate and regulatory focus on health and climate change. By partnering with WPL, stakeholders can drive meaningful sustainability and economic outcomes while shaping the future of our planet.